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Services barcoding

Article Numbering Association GS1 Kyrgyzstan is the actual participant of the Reliable Partners Registry of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Kyrgyz Republic.

GS1® is a not-for-profit organisation that develops global standards for identification of goods and services. GS1's standards foster cooperation and encourage information-sharing worldwide. Thanks to GS1, businesses and organisations can improve the efficiency of their supply and demand chains by adding useful information to any exchange of goods or services.

GS1® Kyrgyzstan is the official and the only representative of GS1 in the Kyrgyzstan. It has an exclusive right to use the GS1 brand in the Kyrgyz Republic. GS1 Kyrgyzstan is a non-governmental and non-for-profit organisation that uses GS1 international standards of barcoding.

Services of GS1 Kyrgyzstan:

  • GS1 Company Prefix assignment,
  • Global Location Number assignment,
  • Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN's) assignment,
  • consulting on barcoding,
  • barcodes verification,

For detailed information see:

office 8, 59 Baytik Baatyr str,
720005, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
T +996 312 900 521
F +996 312 900 359