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Examination of goods and issue of Certificates of Origin

Enterprises and entrepreneurs often incur losses due to the dishonesty of vendors, and even so, enterprises and entrepreneurs make serious mistakes themselves by opening a cargo container which has arrived with their cargo by themselves. As a result, if a deficiency in the quantity of the cargo or damage is detected, the vendor can reject the claim. 

To avoid this enterprises and entrepreneurs can apply to the Department Kyrgyzekspertiza CCI KR. Qualified experts of the CCI KR will hold an independent examination of the quality of the delivered goods; establish the reason for any defect and the percent of loss of quality. Experts’ reports from the CCI KR are recognized by all commercial entities and participants in foreign economic activities, as well as arbitrators all over the world when considering conflicts related to cargo shipment and goods delivery. 

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, being a non-governmental and non-commercial organization, does not depend on the consumer or producer. When holding any examination, the specialists are strictly guided by the approved regulated technical documents  – GOSTs – and standard methods of quality appraisal for any product or good. 

Experts of the CCI KR often have to deal with various types of defects (physical damage to the product, inconsistency of the good’s appearance, weight, consistency, physical and chemical composition, etc.). The examinations are held in strict compliance with regulatory documents and methods always giving an objective result.  High standards are set for the work of the experts of the CCI KR. Results of examinations and the prospects for recovery of damages depends on their qualification, experience, and neutrality. Only highly qualified specialists, who have received training and certification in the CCI KR, many of whom are also entering in the register of CCI-Expert CIS, are working in LLC Kyrgyzekspertiza of the CCI KR. 

If you want to make your business safe, please apply to the experts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic not only when receiving, but when shipping goods and products.

The Kyrgyzekspertiza Department of the CCI KR provides the following services: 

  • Determination of the country of origin of the goods and further verification of the certificate of origin of the goods. Download an application form for the issue of a certificate of origin here
  • Examination of compliance of a received batch of goods with the conditions of the contract with regard to quality, quantity, completeness of goods, packaging, marking, etc.
  • Pre-shipment quality and quantity control.
  • Examination of the condition of transport and packaging means.
  • Checking the quality level of samples of goods.
  • Recording the condition of goods, characteristics of goods, packaging, and quantity at the time of transfer to the temporary storage warehouse in the customs area.
  • Examination confirming the reasons for defects in the goods which were damaged in the course of storage, etc.
  • Examination of the quality of second-hand goods, determination of the reasons for the formation of defects and/or the degredation of quality by presence of defects.
  • Determination of fair pricing at the time of examination accounting for the actual quality.
  • Verification of goods’ characteristics and determination of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature (FEACN) code.
  • Determination of export product as a product of one’s own production.
  • Verification of certificates of origin according to the request of domestic and foreign customs and financial bodies.
  • Consulting with economic entities on all types of examinations, certification of origin of goods, and verification that the products belong their claimed producer.

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