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Committee of the CCI KR on the industrial policy issues, promotion of exports, infrastructure, and logistic development

Goals of the Committee:

The Committee was created to promote the development of industrial policy and promote exports by improving legislation and attracting investments in the specialized, socially important projects of the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as establishing business ties between the business circles of Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

Objectives of the Committee:

  • Development of proposals and recommendations for public policy in relation to industrial policy, export potential, infrastructure, and logistics as well as cooperation with public authorities on projects in these areas.
  • Collection of information on the legislative, fiscal, and other conditions of investment activities and opportunities in the specialized areas and projects of the Committee.
  • Improvement and dissemination of positive experience in the areas of industrial policy, export promotion, development of infrastructure and logistics, and the identification of negative factors in these areas in the country and its regions; participation in the development and promotion of projects and corresponding changes in the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Coordination of the work on important projects in specialized areas with republic, regional and local level authorities, neighboring, and interested institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.
  • Assistance in organizing business meetings, sectoral and cross-sectoral meetings, and other activities to improve the conditions for the re-industrialization, export promotion, infrastructure development, and logistics.
  • Promotion of the interests of members of the Chamber and the business community in a professional business at home and abroad.
Functions of the Committee:
  • Monitor the status, trends, and implementation of industrial policy, re-industrialization, export potential, development of infrastructure, and logistics; analysis of the socio-economic consequences of decisions regarding internal and external economic policy and constraints to development in these areas.
  • Participation in conjunction with the apparatus of the CCI KR, members of the CCI KR, and Committees of the  CCI KR in the examination of draft legal acts in the industries and foreign trade relevant to the Committee.
  • Participation in market research on the activities of the Committee.
  • Participate in the development and use of the information data banks on various aspects of business which have been created by the CCI KR.
  • Assisting domestic organizations and entrepreneurs through familiarization, use, and distribution of domestic and foreign experience in the relevant areas of the Committee.
  • Preparation of proposals for the organization of and participation in conferences, seminars, and symposia on specialized areas by the Committee in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.
  • Attraction of domestic scientific and business circles to participating in international and foreign national assemblies, conferences, and symposia on industrial policy, re-industrialization, export promotion, infrastructure development, and logistics.
  • Compilation of materials for conferences, seminars, and workshops; development of the consolidated position of the business community on current issues relevant to the Committee, preparation of proposals, and recommendations to the governing bodies of the CCI KR.

Chairman of the Committee – Rakhimov Kubatbek
Tel:  +996 778 001 111

Executive Secretary - Raiymkulova Mairam
Tel: + 996 312 610 173
Fax: + 996 312 613 875