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Committee of the CCI KR on entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and processing industry

Goals of the Committee:

The Committee was created in order to establish a constructive dialogue between businesses and public authorities, the creation of favorable conditions for the development of the agricultural sector and processing industry in the Kyrgyz Republic. The goals are to improve existing legislation, facilitate the adoption of effective legal acts aimed at protecting domestic producers, promoting the development of entrepreneurship and the support new economic structures in the agricultural sector and processing industry (hereinafter ASPI), sharing of domestic and foreign experience through the organization and activity in the market economy. In addition the committee works to provide practical assistance to the industry associations of entrepreneurs and enterprises of the ASPI in their business activity.

Functions and Objectives of the Committee:
  • Analysis of the factors that have a negative impact on business development in the ASPI, promoting the elimination of unjustified restrictions and bureaucratic barriers.
  • Participation, in conjunction with the apparatus of the CCI KR, in social groups and members of the CCI KR in the development of proposals for improving the current legislation, examination of draft legal acts in the field of ASPI, and acts of a general economic nature, affecting the interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs.
  • Promoting the development of effective forms and mechanisms of government and public support for ASPI.
  • Participation in market research on the activities of the Committee.
  • Participate in the development and use of the information data banks on various aspects of business, created by the CCI KR.
  • Establishing contacts and organizing business cooperation with international and national unions, associations, business associations, and individual agribusiness firms in the foreign countries.
  • Assisting domestic enterprises and entrepreneurs in the familiarization, use, and distribution of foreign and domestic experience in entrepreneurial development in the ASPI.
  • Assisting domestic enterprises and entrepreneurs in obtaining reference information and advice on foreign economic cooperation.
  • Preparing proposals for the organization and participation in exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities related to the activities of the Committee in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.
  • Attracting domestic scientific and business circles to participate in international and national exhibitions, assemblies, conferences, symposiums on the problems of business development in the area ASPI.
  • Compiling materials for exhibitions, conferences, symposia and other events, and the preparation of recommendations for the President, the Board, and the Presidium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of such materials.
  • Assisting in organizing business meetings, courses and seminars to exchange the experience and skills of the specialists of industry associations and enterprises of the ASPI in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.
Chairman of the Committee – Shamkeev Baktybek
Tel: +996 312 610 571
Fax: +996 312 323 891
Executive Secretary - Raiymkulova Mairam
Tel: + 996 312 610 173
Fax: + 996 312 613 875