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Sector committees of the CCI KR

Committees work to unite the efforts of the business community of Kyrgyzstan to solve critical issues for business development, the improvement of the current and developing regulatory environment, active participation in the process of expanding and implementing governmental support measures, nurturing sustainable business relations between the business media of Kyrgyzstan and foreign countries. Six specialized Committees have been established and function in the CCI KR. Not only members of CCI KR, but all individuals and legal entities interested in creating favorable conditions for business development, may participate in the work of the Committee. The Committee's work is based on voluntary participation.

Currently the CCI KR has the following committees: 

1. Committee of the CCI KR on the support of entrepreneurship in the field of  pharmaceutics;

2. Committee of the CCI KR on entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and processing industry;

3. Committee of the CCI KR on the support and development of small and medium business in Kyrgyzstan;

4. Committee  of the CCI KR on the support of foreign business in Kyrgyzstan;