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Charter "Business against corruption in Kyrgyzstan"

Charter "Businesses against corruption in Kyrgyzstan"

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic initiated among domestic businesses the adoption of a Charter "Business against corruption in Kyrgyzstan."

Taking into account that the level of corruption in the country is increasing every year and is becoming a serious obstacle to the full and dynamic growth of the national economy which hinders the development in Kyrgyzstan of both domestic and foreign businesses and taking into account the desire of the majority of businessmen, it was decided to support the fight against corruption started by the government.

By signing the Charter of the "Business of Kyrgyzstan against corruption", the representatives of the business environment have expressed their intention to promote entrepreneurship based on the principles and rules which will contribute to combating and preventing corruption, and strictly comply with them.

To date the Charter "Businesses of Kyrgyzstan against corruption" was joined by leading business associations and representatives of the banking sector of the country as:

  1. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic
  2. International Business Council;
  3. Association of suppliers, producers and distributors of Kyrgyzstan;
  4. National Alliance of Business Associations;
  5. The Association of Young Entrepreneurs "JIA";
  6. Exporters Association of Kyrgyzstan;
  7. The Union of Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan;
  8. Association of Guilds of Compatriots;
  9. Bishkek Business Club;
  10. Institutions “Association of the Federation of Organic Movement”;
  11. Institutions “Association Nuts and foresters of Kyrgyzstan”
  12. Association of Oil Traders of Kyrgyzstan
  13. Pharmaceutical Union of Kyrgyzstan;
  14. The NGO "Association for the Support of Women Entrepreneurs";
  15. OJSC "AIYL Bank";
  16. JSC "Optima Bank";
  17. ALE "The Kyrgyz Association of greenhouses";
  18. Kyrgyz Union of beekeepers;
  19. LLC "Gifts of the Tien Shan";
  20. The Union of Banks of the Kyrgyz Republic
  21. Corporate Development Agency "CSR Central Asia"


In connection with the foregoing, and guided by the fact that we should unite and begin a full-scale fight against corruption, which not only hinders the social and economic development of the country, but also threatened the existence of the state in general, the CCI KR invites representatives of domestic business to join the Charter "Business against Kyrgyzstan corruption. "