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How to become a member of the CCI KR

Full members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic can be legal and physical persons of the Kyrgyz Republic and other states, as well as their associations.

Why is it necessary and important to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considered worldwide as a sign of the civilization and security of the organization – a member of the Chamber. Services provided by the Chambers of Commerce contribute to the development and support of business, good business.

For the Chamber, assistance in businesses development in not only a motto, but also a systematic, objective activity. CCI KR is an outpost with the goal of protecting the interests of the business community of the Kyrgyz Republic, an organization for active interaction between business and government, a forum to discuss all important issues regarding the formation and development of entrepreneurship.

In recent years, the Chamber has significantly expanded its range of services. Members of the CCI KR receive preferential terms and discounts for all services provided. A significant part of the service is carried out without additional charges beyond the basic membership fee.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the KR gives a right to:

  • take part in the decision making at the general meetings, in the work of the other controls of the CCI KR, as well as in the creation of these bodies in accordance with the provisions set out in the constituent documents;
  • receive the benefits and rights provided by the constituent documents of the CCI KR;
  • take part in the exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and seminars on business, foreign trade, marketing, quality of export products, and creation of joint ventures;
  • receive specialized publications covering foreign trade, economic, and other issues of entrepreneurship distributed through the CCI KR;
  • spread through the offices of CCI KR abroad information and promotional materials about the company, organization, and products;
  • receive information about the whereabouts of the various embassies and trade missions in Kyrgyzstan and in other countries of the CIS by phone;
  • receive methodical and normative documentation on foreign trade and business activities;
  • receive targeted advertisements and prospects of foreign companies;
  • receive information on international and foreign exhibitions and fairs held in the CIS and abroad and an invitation to participate in them;
  • receive advice on the organization and conduct of examinations of goods;
  • take part in business meetings and negotiations with the representatives of foreign companies and enterprises;
  • receive advisory services on the areas of work of the CCI;
  • receive assistance in finding the addresses of enterprises (firms) that manufacture products of interest to the customer;
  • take part in the meetings, "round tables", and conferences in order to develop proposals and recommendations aimed at developing small business;
  • obtain letters of recommendation and other upon request by foreign and domestic partners


Telephone numbers: +996 312 613 876, +996 312 611 474