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Committee of the CCI KR on promotion of the Kyrgyz-German trade and economic and investment cooperation “Kyrgyzstan Germany”

Goals of the Committee:

  • assist in the creation of favorable conditions for the intensification of trade and economic cooperation between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany and European Union member-states, including the improvement of the legal framework and other conditions for cooperation;
  • intensification of trade and economic relations of the Kyrgyz Republic with German and European destinations, by promoting the establishment of direct contacts and dialogue between the entrepreneurs and business associations of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany as well as other European countries;
  • assist in the revitalization of the attraction of German entrepreneurs to investing in the Kyrgyz Republic, especially in priority investment projects;
  • coordinate and facilitate the organization of economic forums, seminars, and projects in the field of bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation.

Objectives of the Committee:

  • Provide information and organizational assistance to local entrepreneurs, primarily members of the CCI KR, their associations, as well as entrepreneurs and their associations from Germany and Europe, in searching for and establishing contacts with potential business partners; in determining the most favorable and promising forms of cooperation.
  • Create councils and working groups to work in the German and European direction as well as coordinating their work.
  • Participate in the discussion and preparation of draft legislation and regulations on foreign trade and investment policies, proposals and recommendations to improve the legislative and regulatory framework in this area.
  • Analyzing the factors influencing the state of bilateral and multilateral relations, making proposals to remove unjustified restrictions and barriers to foreign economic cooperation.
  • Interaction with the public authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic, diplomatic and other missions of foreign countries, and organizations on the issues of foreign economic cooperation in the previously mentioned areas as well as in investment policy. Discussion and facilitation of the resolution of problems that arise in bilateral and multilateral economic relations and joint investment projects.
  • Participate in the discussion and preparation of intergovernmental agreements on the development and expansion of trade and economic relations and monitoring of their performance.
  • Participate in the Kyrgyz intergovernmental commissions and working groups on trade and economic cooperation with Germany and the countries of Europe.
  • Assist in the promotion of priority investment projects proposed by foreign partners to invest in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Formation of a database of participants of foreign trade activities as recommended by the CCI as partners for the implementation of bilateral and multilateral projects, provision of mutual recommendations on the most reliable companies and firms acting as sales, mediation, and consulting partners in bilateral and multilateral agreements and contracts.
  • Study the agreements of the CCI KR with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and business associations of Germany and Europe on cooperation and exchange of information on the legal framework of export and import regimes; doing business and in particular the customs and tax features; investment opportunities; and others.
  • Assist in the provision of up-to-date information about the economic development in these countries and regions to Kyrgyz and foreign entrepreneurs.
  • Promote participation of Kyrgyz enterprises and organizations, especially members of the CCI, in international exhibitions, forums, conferences, and seminars; to promote under the auspices of the CCI in collaboration with foreign partners the organization of an advertising campaign in foreign countries on the export opportunities of Kyrgyz enterprises and organizations and the potential for co-operation and investment in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Prepare proposals for the organization of similar events in the Kyrgyz Republic; assist German and European partners in obtaining the necessary information and to participate in them.
  • Assist domestic enterprises and organizations in the study and use of advanced German and European experience in the field of entrepreneurship, public-private partnerships, investment, and development of small and medium businesses.

Chairman of the Committee – Shaildabekova Nurzhan
Tel: + 996 772 022 443

Executive Secretary - Raiymkulova Mairam
Tel: + 996 312 610 173
Fax: + 996 312 613 875