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The «Kyrgyzstan – Umbria (Italy) » business forum took place in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kyrgyz Republic
The delegation of entrepreneurs of Umbria region (Italy) and representatives of Kyrgyz business community attended this event.

Entrepreneurs of Umbria region with business-mission arrived in Bishkek in order to discuss the most promising areas of cooperation between representatives of Kyrgyz business community, directors of the appropriate ministries and departments of KG. Just as was stated by Italian entrepreneurs, they intend to examine issues of establishment joint manufacturing centers in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. In response, over 50 Kyrgyz entrepreneurs expressed their interest in establishing cooperation with business of Umbria region.
Arrival of Italian entrepreneurs with business-mission in Kyrgyzstan has become possible because of the work by the pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic at the “Expo Milano 2015” (Italy). Entrepreneurs of Umbria region during the visit to the “Expo Milano 2015” among expositions of other countries also reviewed the pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic, information about Kyrgyzstan, the investment climate and the country’s economic capacity, which attracted their interest. In framework of work by the pavilion of the Kyrgyz Republic, on the National Day of Kyrgyz Republic at “Expo Milano 2015”, they organized the meeting between entrepreneurs of Umbria region with the Head of Delegation of KG, Vice-Prime-Minister Valeriy Dil, during which they discussed issues of establishing and development of trade and economic cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Umbria region.



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